Rachel Deckler

  • RN
  • MSN
  • REI

Rachel has more than 15 years of experience as a registered nurse and certified lactation consultant. She’s helped thousands of mothers and babies throughout the Austin Texas community.

Amanda Russell

  • REI

Living in South Austin with her husband and three boys, Amanda has been supporting moms in their breastfeeding journeys since 2016.


Video breastfeeding tools

Get ready to breastfeed with this 11-section video e-course. In each segment you’ll learn important knowledge and techniques to help breastfeeding go smoothly from the start!

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Home Visits

At-home breastfeeding consultation

Breastfeeding should be an enjoyable experience, but challenges are common. Our lactation experts will quickly get you on the road to success. Give us a call to schedule an in-home visit.

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Video Visits

Private video consultation

Get help quickly with a private video consultation. We offer one-on-one tele-visits with an experienced lactation consultant over secure video chat. Call to book an appointment today!

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Breastfeeding for love

Our mission is to support mothers in achieving their breastfeeding goals within a nurturing, non-judgmental atmosphere. We cater to both working professionals and stay-at-home moms, empowering them to breastfeed for as long as they desire while fully embracing the joys of motherhood. Each infant and mother duo possesses unique innate talents and abilities, and it's our mission to foster and celebrate these individual qualities within a warm, home-like environment.

With decades of experience in breastfeeding and maternal care, we specialize in crafting personalized plans tailored to each distinct situation. Our consultation services are available through in-home visits, video calls, and phone consultations for your convenience.